Film: On the Rise? Yes. Approaching Mainstream? No Way!

Pentax ZX-5 with Pentax-F 35-80mm on Kodak Gold 400. Photo by Derrick Story.

I was reading an interesting article titled, Film Photography is Making a Stunning Comeback on Petapixel, and thought the author made a lot of good points. Compared to where we were just a few years ago, analog has returned as a viable alternative for artists and those who want something different than what digital has to offer.

Since I've been watching the used gear market since December 2015, I've noticed a trend upward in pricing for quality cameras and lenses. I suspect that we'll continue to see higher prices for SLR and the optics that go on them. (That being said, getting a full frame camera and quality lens for less than $100 still seems like a bargain to me.) But I'm not concerned that analog gear will ever approach what we pay for full frame digital cameras.

I think film is going to settle-in off the beaten track of photography. And for many of us, that's just fine. My search is over for an alternative workflow that keeps my creative juices flowing, which have clearly spilled over into my digital shooting. I'm more excited than ever to hold any camera in my hands.

I would go so far as to say, that I don't want film to become too popular. I'm enjoying my offbeat approach to image making. I have a variety of previously cast-off cameras that are now quietly helping me create pictures that I truly enjoy.

So as long as I can buy film and get it processed, I just fine with the way things are. 


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