What if You Shot Film on the Family Vacation?

Photo by Derrick Story - Contax G1 with 28mm Zeiss lens on Fujicolor 200.

Most of us have wrangled with balancing photography and family time while on summer vacation. Seems like, once we're set free of the 9-5 grind in the office, we want to go crazy with our cameras.

But the endless parade of clever shots isn't always fun for everyone else, let alone watching you sort through the files on your digital device, posting to social sites, and then constantly checking for likes and fan mail. This can dampen the family experience.

What if you shot film on the family vacation?

First of all, the quantity of capture would throttle dramatically. If there was an instant moment, take that shot with your smartphone. Otherwise, relax, enjoy the conversation, and capture a photo when something really stunning presents itself.

Second, you're relieved of all sorting and post processing. In fact, you can leave your laptop at home. Go ahead and post occasionally to Instagram or Facebook with an iPhone shot just to let folks know you're still alive. Otherwise, have another fruity drink while dropping the film in an envelope and sending it off to the lab. 

And finally, the images you do have from the trip are on film, and they will last for decades... along with the memories that you have spending time with your travel mates.

Something to consider...



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