Film Means More Time with My Family

This Viewpoint is shared by photographer Sonia Marfatia-Goode.

I've been shooting a lot of film lately, and I've fallen in love with the whole process. Among other things, shooting film makes me nostalgic.  

When I was younger, I used a point and shoot, but now that I've revisited film, I've learned to work manually with my Nikon F100 SLR. I love it.  

Photos by Sonia Marfatia-Goode.

I've slowed down, thinking about the frame, composing carefully (as carefully as I can anyway; I'm usually rushed with a 3 year old and a 5 month old baby as my subjects).  I love the anticipation, and the hope that I got the shot and that it looks as I've imaged it.  

I even like filling out the lab order form, packing my rolls of film, and sending it all in a flat rate box. And then there's the waiting. The waiting for an email from the lab, saying that my scans are ready for download.  

I so enjoy the excitement of downloading those files, viewing them, and reliving the day that I shot them. And finally, saving them, and viewing the proof prints in my hand. Very limited editing. No excessive time behind a laptop. More time with my family.

It's the perfect process for me, as a hobbyist, and as the memory keeper for my family.

-Sonia Marfatia-Goode

Sonia uses a mix of 35mm and 120 films in her Nikon F100 or Mamiya 645. Currently, her favorite emulsions include Lomo 800, Portra 160NC, Portra 400, and Fuji 400H.

You can see more of Sonia's work on her Instagram account and her Facebook page. Sonia also maintains a blog at

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