It Starts Here

Work Shed on a Rainy Day. Contax G1 with Zeiss 28mm lens. Fuji Pro 400 film. Photo by Derrick Story.

A photograph produced from film looks different than a digital image. It's not easy to describe the precise characteristics. But they're there.

As much as I like the way film photography looks, that's not the only reason why I created this site. What I've learned over the years is that the rewards of analog photography go beyond the images themselves. There's magic to the process.

These embers were rekindled in December 2015. I was out to prove a challenge that I've heard many times: Working with film will make you a better digital photographer.

At first I thought this was merely a hipster truism. So I decided to take the challenge and see for myself. I had shot film for decades, then moved to digital. Would going analog again invigorate my work? I wanted to know.

In the film days, my cameras of choice were Contax and Yashica. Why, because I like Zeiss lenses. And at that time, if you want to shoot Zeiss, you used Contax, Yashica, or Hasselblad cameras.

I so enjoy these tools, that I also wanted to share them with you on this site. We're open to all types of film cameras and their accessories. Many of them will be featured in this Viewpoint section. But my expertise is Zeiss, and that will be the gear primarily available in the Camera Shop. (I'll also be providing links to additional cameras and optics via B&H and other sources.)

But gear is only part of it. I'll feature film photographers telling their stories, sharing their techniques, and showing your their pictures. This point isn't to give up digital photography, but to augment it. And by doing so, enriching the entire experience.

So, has returning to film improved my photography? It has. I'm more thoughtful, creative, and patient. And the best part is, I'm more excited than I can ever remember about taking pictures.

I hope you become a part of theAnalogstory community. I think that you'll find, that by incorporating film into your digital world, a missing piece falls into place. One that just might change you as an artist.


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