Photos Shot with the Rebooted Kodak Ektachrome Film

Via Petapixel:

When Kodak needed experienced photographers to beta test its new Ektachrome 100 film before it launched, one of the few people it chose was award-winning travel photographer Peter Guttman.

Guttman is the author behind eight hardcover photo books that cover his adventures around the world across all 7 continents and over 240 countries. He spent two weeks shooting on Ektachrome 100 and shared his results through an Instagram takeover on the Kodak Professional account in early September.

 Photo by Peter Gutman

Photo by Peter Gutman

“I hope to convey my excitement about capturing those fleeting moments while painting with light onto a canvas of film. Even to this day, I’ve found film to be my primary means of artistic expression, sidestepping digital photography and embracing grains over pixels.”

Read more of the story about the new Ektachrome and see lots more pictures by Peter by jumping to the full article.


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