Lab-Box Develops Film without a Darkroom

Here's the missing piece for kitchen table film photographers. A new KickStarter project called Lab-Box lets you develop your own 35mm or 120 roll film in the comfort of a fully lighted room.

What's truly clever about this invention is how the device spools your film on to a developing reel inside the box. Their video demonstrates this quite well. Once the film is on the reel, you can use a mono bath developer/fixer to process your negatives.

If this project goes through to completion, this could be a boon for modern analog photographers. Combined with an inexpensive scanner, such as the Wolverine F2D ($129), you can have all the advantages of film without the fuss.

Shoot a roll, develop it in your Lab-Box, scan the negatives, then catalog and share via your computer. This is particularly handy for shoots where you want to start working with the pictures the same day.

I've backed the project, choosing one Lab-Box and one module. The cost was $85 plus about $23 shipping to the United States. The goal is to start shipping the device in September 2017.

You can visit the KickStarter page here.


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