Reflex: Bringing back the film SLR camera

We haven't seen this in 25 years... a new analog camera is coming to market (that is, if it's fully funded on Kickstarter). Meet the Reflex.

The camera has both an interchangeable lens system and a removable back. The Reflex camera’s interchangeable back makes the process of changing film easier than ever. This feature gives photographers the option of having a roll of film pre-loaded, so they can quickly change to a different film mid-shoot. It is also a much more convenient way to load film onto the camera.

But there are modern touches as well.  If they reach their £150,000 stretch goal, the camera can be connected to an accompanying Reflex app, which will automatically log the settings of each film loaded and each shot taken and will send a push notification to your phone - giving the option to make notes and describe the shot you’ve just taken.

You can review all of the details on their Kickstarter page, and if you like what you see, become a backer yourself.

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