Real Camera Stores - Mike's Camera

Mike's Camera in Boulder, CO. Photo by Mark Castleman.

Analog photographer Mark Castleman tipped us off to Mike's Camera, his favorite gear shop.  They have several locations throughout Colorado and California. You can see them all here. Plus they have a terrific online presence too.

Like all of our Real Camera Stores, Mike's supports film services as well as digital gear. They even carry some darkroom accessories.

"Since its humble beginnings in 1967, Mike's Camera has had a history of outstanding customer service, which resulted in wide recognition in both the photography industry, and the communities surrounding our store locations. "

"Mike's Camera is unique in its belief that each customer-service employee must be fully versed in a broad range of photographic knowledge. As such, each customer-service staff member is required to qualify as a Certified Photographic Consultant (CPC), and then maintain that status. "

I see that they have stores in my neck of the woods, with a shop in Mill Valley, CA. I'm definitely going to stop by for a visit next time I'm down that way.

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