Unexposed Rolls of 1880s Kodak Film

What an acquisition for the Eastman Museum! Petapixel reports that: 

"Here’s an amazing find: the George Eastman Museum has announced that it has acquired two unopened boxes of 1880s Kodak film.

One is the only known box of Kodak Film introduced in 1888 for the Kodak camera (which cost $25 in 1888). The other is one of only 3 known boxes of Kodak Transparent Film, which debuted in 1889 for the same Kodak camera.

'These unopened boxes of film complete the Eastman Museum’s holdings related to the original Kodak camera—adding to its examples of the camera, case, shipping box, and sample images,' the museum says."

More on this happy reunion at the Petapixel site.


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