Developing Color Negs: Easier the You Think

If you're already processing your own black and white, then you know that you need just a few items to do so. But many photographers don't realize that you can just as easily process color negatives too.

In the article, How to Develop Color Negative Film at Home in 10 Minutes, the author shows you how to use a kit from the Film Photography Project. And the best part, it's relatively easy.

"In addition to one of those kits (or your own chemicals) you’ll need: a space with running hot water away from kids and pets, a can opener, a light tight film tank and film reels, a pitch black room or film changing bag, a container to hold your chemicals, a funnel, a thermometer, a measuring beaker, and a squeegee."

I actually always thought that this is harder than it appears. Take a look, and see what you think.


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