Night and Day Film

Porta 800 for my night shooting, and the Ektar 100 for day.

The first day I arrived in the Windy City, I walked over to Central Camera Company on Wabash and picked up two rolls of film: one Kodak Portra 800 and one Ektar 100. I like to buy film on location, if possible, because it's easier on the emulsion, saving it from going through various TSA checkpoints during air travel.

The reason why I chose these particular flavors was because I knew I had a photo walk at 1pm in Wicker Park where the sun would be very bright. I wanted something that could standup to the contrast and provide me with rich colors. ISO was not an issue under these conditions.

But I also knew that I wanted to hang out around State Street one night and capture the urban activity there. I would need speed. So I loaded the roll of Portra 800 into the Contax G1 with Zeiss 45mm f/2.0 lens, and let the images fly.

Before getting on the plane to return home, I mailed the rolls to my regular photo lab in California. I had packed a padded envelope with the label already attached and order sheet inside. This saves the film from yet another round of TSA torture.

I'll let you know how it all turns out once I get the negatives back.


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