Real Camera Stores - Central Camera Company

I first visited Central Camera Company on a trip to Chicago in my 20s. I returned this morning, and I swear, it was just as I had remembered.

Camera stores are one of things I miss most about the Internet age, especially real camera stores that carry used equipment, new gear, darkroom supplies, lighting, bags, and film. Speaking of which, I bought one roll of Kodak Ektar 100 and one Portra 800 for shooting on this trip. 

As an aside: I like to buy film on location, then mail it directly to the lab before getting on the plane. That saves the film from having to be scanned numerous times in the airport during the trip.

While in the store, I also had great conversations with a couple analog shooters, tried out a few used cameras and lenses, and dug through the bargain bins looking for hidden gems. I finally had to leave. Reluctantly. 

If you know of a real camera store, and want to give them some love, send me a picture and a blurb, and I'll run it as part of this series.

Now, off to shoot that roll of Ektar 100...


Central Camera Compay - 230 SO. Wabash Ave, Chicago, Il. 1-312-427-5580 -


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