Maybe the Best Scanner is Your Camera

From the article, "How to Scan Your Film Using a Digital Camera and Macro Lens" by Gianluca Bevacqua.

I'm wrestling with how I'm going to produce the final high resolution scans for some of my upcoming film-related projects, and I'm leaning heavily toward capturing in RAW with a digital camera.

I probably wouldn't want to use this approach for a bulk job with tons of negatives. But for a book where I want each shot to look exactly as I want, I'm intrigued by this method.

Take a look at How to Scan Your Film Using a Digital Camera and Macro Lens by Gianluca Bevacqua. He outlines a system where you take multiple shots of a negative then use smart stitching software to create a high resolution master.

I'm going to test a variation of this approach. What I want is a top notch scan created as efficiently as possible. I would love keeping my negatives at home instead of sending them out for master scans.

Have you tried a similar approach? If so, please post a comment sharing what you've learned.


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