Getting Used to the Film Advance Lever (Again!)

"875" San Francisco - Contax 139Q with Zeiss 45mm on Fujifilm 400. Photo by Derrick Story

One of the interesting aspects of shooting with older 35mm cameras is getting reacquainted with the manual film advance lever. 

One one hand, this is one of my favorite functions of these cameras. I love the precise sound of the gears and the physically satisfying feel as I advance the film a frame forward. On the other hand, I sometimes forget to advance, and miss a shot. 

I laugh at myself when I press the shutter button and nothing happens. "Advance the film, Derrick" I say.

But the bottom line is, this simple lever is part of the whole analog experience. And I do enjoy having a camera that uses a film advance lever in the mix of bodies that I rely on for my work.


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