The Disarming Effect of Film Cameras

There's a great quote in the BBC article titled, The photographers who refuse to abandon traditional film cameras that reads:

"These old cameras can disarm people and can be the starting point for some great portraits. There's something more friendly about film cameras, even quaint, and I try and make that work for me."

"Just Relax" - Contax T2 compact camera. Photo by Derrick Story

And that's been the case for me. I photographed a number of fans last night at the Warrior's game with an Olympus Stylus compact film camera. Everyone thought that I was some kind of luddite photo goofball who hadn't been introduced to the digital age yet. As a result, they relaxed, and I captured some great portraits.

I think the big fear for many in the public arena these days is having their picture taken and used in some way that makes them uncomfortable. And most folks associate big DSLRs with cold-hearted professionals who want to steal their souls.

Whereas with me, and innocent looking tourist with a point and shoot film camera... well, "he's harmless."

And I am.



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