Kodak Big Winner at Cannes Film Festival

We've known that a lot of big name movie directors prefer celluloid. And this trend gathered considerable momentum at this year's Cannes Festival where 12 features were shot on Kodak film.

Fstoppers reports in their article by Presley Ann titled, Kodak Makes a Comeback with Winning Film Features at the Cannes Film Festival, that:

"Including Olivier Assayas’s film "Personal Shopper" staring actress Kristen Stewart, where he took home the award for Best Director and was given lengthy five minute standing ovation. This was a huge milestone for Kodak since the rise of digital technology combined with the ability to shoot 4K footage film looked to be a medium of the past. Kodak defied the odds and not only secured film as a viable creative choice, but has rebranded themselves into a thriving film market once again."

There are a lot more pictures and information over at the Fstoppers site. It's definitely worth a read.


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