Kodak Professional Film App for Your Smartphone

This handy app by Kodak has just been updated with lots of new information, and it works on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android platforms. The Kodak Professional Film app  version 2.0 covers where to buy film, process it, different types, and film formats. Plus it has a sun calculator and a section on home B&W darkroom tools.

My favorite section is Type of Film that covers all of the Kodak emulsions. It includes an overview, tech sheets, and sample photos. The resource guides (where to process and buy film) are fine for bigger outfits who are Kodak partners, but doesn't cover many of the independents that I already knew about. That said, the resources could be helpful when you're on the road visiting a new area. The other sections are interesting to browse through too.

Overall, this is a fun app that's well-designed. It's a great resource for the serious film photographer.


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