Contax 137 MD Winner!

Congratulations to Kathleen C. who commented on the post, A Most Beautiful Break: "Very pleasing tones! I am kicking myself for having thrown out about 40 rolls of film in a spring cleaning accident about a year ago. Good stuff, too. Fuji Velvia (ouch), Kodak Portra, Fuji Superia, T-Max, etc. I thought at the time I would never go back to film. Now, I can't get my mind off of the challenge of applying everything I have learned over the last few years with digital photography to film. I was shooting in auto mode when I was a film shooter..."

That randomly selected comment results in Kathleen receiving a Contax 137 MD camera and 50mm lens. Kathleen, please click on the Contact Us link  and send us your shipping information. We'll get that cool 35mm camera shipped to you ASAP. (And I'll even throw in a roll of film).


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