Sculpture and Sky

"Sculpture and Sky" by Derrick Story

One of the things that I find fascinating is adjusting scanned film images with my digital tools. This shot is a good example.

I originally captured this reflective sculpture during a bike ride in Santa Rosa, CA. I took a few frames using a Pentax ZX-30 with 28-80mm Pentax-FA zoom. (That camera is now listed in TheFilmCameraShop for $29.) I put a polarizer on the lens to better control the reflections. The film is an expired roll of Fujicolor 200.

The color shot was interesting, but not quite right. So I loaded the image into Photos for OS X and opened it in Tonality by Macphun. By converting it to B&W, I came much closer to the image that I was hoping to produce.

As a photographer, I find it interesting when analog and digital intersect. I guess you could say that I'm the opposite of a purist.


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