The Thrill of the Unknown

"The Modelo Truck" by Derrick Story. Yashica FX-103 with Zeiss 45mm f/2.8 on Fujicolor 200.

Part of the excitement of shooting film is the risk involved. And that's enhanced even more when I'm testing a refurbished camera for my Etsy store, TheFilmCameraShop. Case in point is this image captured on the maiden voyage of a Yashica FX-103 Program.

Just so you know, I'm not totally crazy here. I do run the camera through basic paces first by examining the shutter and aperture blades, firing at various speeds with the back open, and comparing the meter readings to my Lumu Light Meter. But until I actually see the negatives return from the lab, I won't know for sure how reliable the body is.

For example, I had a big surprise with a Contax 159 in San Francisco that had some pretty interesting light leaks. (I reworked the light seals on the back of the camera, and it easily passed its second film test.)

This is all to say, that when I go to a big event, such as an NBA elimination game in the playoffs, it seems risky to rely on an untested film camera.

And it's also the thrill.

This shot was captured during the tailgate party before Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals at Oracle Arena. I really liked how Modelo had set up their beer truck, and wanted to take advantage of the unique qualities of the Tessar designed lens. So I opened the aperture up to f/2.8, focused on the bucket of cozies, and made sure the background was aligned the way I wanted. I like the shot. The Fuji color palette really works here.

As it turned out, the Yashica FX-103 passed its film test with flying colors. Great exposures throughout the roll. 

And I not only had fun at the game,  but afterward while anxiously awaiting for the results from the lab.




Portrait with a Zeiss Softar II Filter

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