Moose Peterson and Derrick Story

Derrick Story (left) and Moose Peterson and The Digital Story Studio in Santa Rosa, CA. Photo by Sharon Peterson.

Moose Peterson and his wife Sharon came by the studio recently. Moose and I had some work to do. After we finished the task at hand, I asked Sharon if she'd take a picture of us. She was happy to.

I handed her my Contax 139Q with a 50mm f/1.4 Zeiss lens mounted on it. The camera was loaded with Fujicolor 200. I opened up the lens all the way and put the camera in aperture priority mode. I then handed it to Sharon to make the exposure,

I could tell that she was a bit surprised by the camera. First, she had to manually focus the lens. Then after she made the first exposure, she was expecting the camera to advance the film, which it did not.

"You have to use the film advance lever," Moose said with a smile. She located it, made the advance, then shot another frame.

Once I got the negs back from the lab, I made a few color adjustments to the film scan in Capture One Pro. I really like how the shot turned out. Unfortunately, I don't have that Zeiss 50mm f.1.4 anymore. It sold a few days ago from TheFilmCameraShop on Etsy. Maybe another one will come my way in the future.


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