Portrait with a Snake

"Zach with Pythagoras" - Contax G1 and Zeiss 45mm f/2.0, Fujifilm 400.

As much as I like shooting with the SLRs, I knew that the autofocus Contax G1 would be the right call for the Sigma Pi Family Weekend at UCSB. I was right.

Shots materialized quickly, then vaporized just as fast. I had time for one frame of Zach with Pythagoras, the fraternity's pet snake. Fortunately the Zeiss 45mm at f/2.0 helped me nail it. 

A minute later, after Zach was gone, I took another photo with my iPhone at the same spot so I could log the metadata for reference later. Of course, there was no Zach in that frame. It makes me smile, that when the decisive moment presented itself, I grabbed the film camera.

Zach said it was his favorite shot of the weekend.


Flag Man

The Extra Frame