The original shoot was for a lynda.com video training about Capture One Pro. I wanted a collection of engaging portraits to add visual interest to explanations about how to use the software.

The session was going well, and I had captured what I needed with my digital camera. There was still some time left, so I asked Tina if she would pose for another series where I would use a pre-WWII Ikoflex medium format camera. She liked the idea and agreed to stay on.

Even though I've had this camera for years, I've never run a roll of film through it. I had some Kodak T400 CN in the fridge, and had set a roll out just for this very occasion.

At first, I was concerned that I had forgotten how to load roll film into these old cameras. I fumbled for a few minutes as Tina looked on, then was finally successful. As it turned out, that was only partially true. I wasted a few frames and ended up with only 10 exposures.

But one of those frames was this image, which I just love. The combination of Tina's presence with that old uncoated Zeiss lens and the pinhole light leaks in the bellows created this wonderful portrait.

I'll probably use this camera again. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy this moment captured on film.


Barn with Red Roof