Chinatown Light Leak

"Chinatown Light Leak" by Derrick Story

I test all of the cameras before they go into our Camera Shop. Many of the used models that I buy online appear OK when I first inspect them, but reveal interesting flaws after the film test. Such was the case with this Contax 159MM that needs new light seals.

I was testing the camera in Chinatown during my San Francisco Street Photography Workshop. I really love the 159s, and this one is going to be a beauty once I replace its seals. 

A favorite series that I captured was this man with his dog in the bright morning light. One frame rendered him in good shape, and the second was interesting portrayal of the sign and shadow. I combined the two frames in Photoshop to make this composite.

I could have never created this image with my digital camera.


Poppy Painting

Not a Through Street