Julia's iPhone

Julia lives in Ukraine, but she was visiting San Francisco for a conference. She works for MacPaw. 

This shot was captured in the Apple Store. She had dropped her iPhone on the ground, and it was no longer working. So a trip to the Genius Bar was the first order of business that evening. As we were all hanging around waiting our turn, I thought why not capture the moment on film?

I had a Contax 139Q with a Zeiss 45mm f/2.8 Tessar in my bag (I was testing it before listing it in the Camera Shop. It's there now, having tested out wonderfully). I wanted to see how the Fujifilm 400 PRO would handle the mixed lighting in the store.

I knew I had to compensate for the strong backlighting. But I restrained myself and only overexposed 1 stop. I didn't want to take a chance on washing out her face.

Personally, I really like this exposure. Julia looks great. And at the same time, the image has a real film quality to it. 

She did get her phone fixed. And I came away with a lovely portrait.


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